Before looking for a home, many people wonder whether they should move into a smaller apartment by themselves or join others to rent a larger apartment with multiple rooms.

When you’re looking for a flat to rent you’ll often see requests for roommates advertised as well as whole properties. A roommate request simply means that you’ll be renting a room in a house or flat that already has tenants in it. So if you don’t want to share with other people then avoid these. But they’re often the cheapest way to rent and you can make friends this way easily too.

A flat share is probably the most common type of shared accommodation these days. Many get their first taste of sharing when at university – something that can make or break friendships – but even as we get older flat shares remain a cost-effective way to live.

When a property is rented out as a whole by a group of individuals it is a joint tenancy, which means that all tenants are jointly and severally liable under contract. So if one tenant decides to move out, the landlord can demand that the remaining tenants make up the difference in rent. In most cases, landlords will find a replacement tenant, and a new tenancy agreement will begin.

The flat share term is often used synonymously with Rooms to Rent, which are let by a live-out landlord. In this case, each tenant has a separate agreement with the landlord. The benefits to this are clear, as although you share communal areas in the property you need only look after yourself.

For many people, living alone is more comfortable, freer, and not least easier than living with someone else. It can be an advantage to be able to invite your friends at any time, you don’t need a permission to throw a party, you don’t have to share the bathroom or other common areas, and there will be no disagreement on how to divide the housework. Well, no one will be there to clean behind you but also you won’t need to clean behind your flatmates. If you use the pan at night and don’t wash it, it will still be dirty the next morning, no one will have washed but you wont have to deal with other peoples pots and pans invading the sink. Everything depends on your money budget.

When you decide to live with roommate one of the biggest advantages of moving in with a flatmate or flatmates is that it can significantly reduce the costs of renting a flat. In addition, if you live together with others, everyday life will become more social, especially if your flatmates are also your friends. You can often meet interesting people or make new friends in a good community if you rent an apartment with others. It is also a benefit of having a flatmate, that your flatmate can help you if necessary. However, living together involves sharing responsibility. It is worth sharing the housework and agreeing on who buys things (for example soap, toilet paper, kitchen utensils) for the household. However, these are probably not impossible tasks to anyone, and a simple discussion can make living together easy.

BUT…! Before moving into an apartment with strangers, I suggest getting to know them beforehand. Chances are, they’ll want to screen you as well. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be best friends with your roommates, but you do have to respect one another. Make sure that, for the most part, your lifestyles are a good match. If you prefer a 9 p.m. bedtime and they prefer to party late into the night, then your living situation could quickly spiral downhill.

Honestly, if you are lucky, you can make some of the best friends ever. You can have BBQs, parties, going out together. When you arrive in a new country/city for the first time, at the beginning living alone can get lonely. For this reason, your flatmates could become your very first friends. They will also help you develop a network of friends in your new city.

There is also one possibility called live in landlords ( it can also advertise Rooms to Rent). With this type of shared accommodation an individual or family lets a spare room in their house to a lodger. This can be a difficult situation to live in as the lodger may not feel completely relaxed in what is meant to be their own home, however, it can be ideal for those who commute long distances for work and only stay during the working week.

In conclusion we would like to tell you that when you’re looking for a flat to rent, a landlord is a person who owns a building, land, or property that they rent out and you need to impress him.

The area you live in has a huge impact on your lifestyle. Finding the right apartment that’s in the right location to suit your wants and needs doesn’t need to be difficult.